What You Will Learn:

In this course, you will:

  • Identify the benefits of creating a marketing plan for your business
  • Conduct the initial market research that will be included in your marketing plan
  • Create a company overview that briefly describes what your business is about
  • Conduct an analysis of your company's current position in the market
  • Define your key marketing goals and make sure they are in line with your business goals
  • Decide how you will track whether you are meeting your goals
  • Gain an understanding of the 4 P's of a marketing mix
  • Identify your own marketing mix and what resources you need in order to implement it
  • Draft a prospective marketing budget
  • Identify your marketing initiatives and calendar for the next year
  • Determine the key tasks you’ll need to do to implement your plan
  • Identify any next steps needed to complete your marketing plan


By the end of the course, you'll have everything you need to complete your marketing plan and start putting it into action.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from the instructor

    2. How to use this course

    1. Introduction and Learning Objectives

    1. Module 1: Why Do I Need A Marketing Plan?

    1. Module II - Market Research

    1. Module III: Describe Your Company

    1. Module IV - Assessing Your Business

About this course

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