Learn The Steps To Start, Launch Or Grow Your Business Idea From Scratch

Sometimes it feels like you have this burning idea to start a business and do something completely different, but then that little voice sets in... You know the one that keeps judging you, disqualifying your expertise and questioning your every decision. 

Yes!!! I mean the voice in your head. 

You see, we are our own worse critic and we automatically judge ourselves or talk ourselves out of progress, especially when it's something new.  Don't worry, that voice screams loud in all of us.

In this academy, you will learn how to show up stronger for yourself as you start, launch or grow your business idea.

Imagine if in the next 90 days, after you've launched your business:

  • You're able to start generating additional income
  • You're able to do more for your community, your family, your friends
  • You're able to prove to yourself that you can do it
  • Or just the fact that you successfully achieved something new... WHAT WOULD THAT FEEL LIKE?

Welcome To Innovate Academy

This is a self-paced online training and membership site where you get to learn the skills and tools to launch your business ideas to profit. Here's what you will learn, with new content added bi-monthly.

  • Essentials for starting a new business

  • Entrepreneurship basics & step-by-step guide on how to start your business

  • Strategies for business owners like leveraging time effectively

  • How to think like a CEO

  • How to create your ideal customer profile & marketing to them

  • How to create your pricing and packaging your product or service

  • How to maximize your profits and lots more

Getting Started Is Easy

Ready To Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Wasting Your Time? These Are The Courses You’ve Been Waiting For! Take a look inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take this course if I don't know anything about startups?

    This course is for those who may know nothing about being an entrepreneur as well as new entrepreneurs who want a refresher course.

  • What if I can't commit to complete this course within a specific amount of time?

    This is a self-directed course with no specific end times. You may take your time completing the course.

  • How can I reach administrators of Innovate Academy?

    If you have an issue, you may contact the administrators by emailing: info@providing-innovation.com

  • How can I know how well I am progressing or learning the concepts?

    Many of the courses have quizzes embedded within the course requiring an 80% passing grade .

  • Can I receive a certificate for completing this course?

    You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

  • What if I need to ask a question or need clarification?

    All courses have discussions enabled so that you can ask questions about that specific course or get clarification during your progress through each course.

  • Is Innovate Academy an accredited school?

    Innovate Academy is a for-profit personal development organization to provide personal development in entrepreneurship. It is not an accredited institution.