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  • A complimentary 50-minute strategy call after completing your first course!

  • Bi-weekly live coaching calls for Q&A!

  • Discounts on online trainings, webinars and masterclasses with access to all replays, facilitated by Innovative Business Solutions

  • Discounts on 1-to-1 coaching packages

  • Networking opportunities through the Entrepreneur Oasis Community

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  • Resource Library that includes handouts, guides and action plans to help you reach your business goals

Here's what others have said!

Gained A Wealth of Information

Della Major

I learned about Innovative Business Solutions through Kingdom Driven Start Up . After the initial classes, I continued our coaching relationship to gain greater clarity and insight to launch my online course and webinars. In the past I have paid for coaching that was expensive but, got me little results. With Coach Pat, I have gained tangible results for my business which has caused me to continue this relationship as I grow other aspects of my business. This has been money and time well spent with incredible value for me as an entrepreneur. If you want real value for your money, I encourage you to invest in one-on-one coaching as well as this membership.

Explained Each Step

Ivy George

My first encounter with Innovative Business Solutions and Pat Simes was through The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur as the Facilitator for KDE StartUp. She really took time to explain each step of the business launch process and had great strategy to help me launch my business. She became my Business Strategist for 3 months which really helped me gain clarity around the ideal client and target market for Ivy George Global.

She Kept Me Motivated

Krystal Kader

"Innovative Business Solutions and Pat Simes really kept me motivated . Our brainstorming sessions always gave me new strategies to enhance the Playful Life and Playful Training for a variety of populations. When I decided to become a full time entrepreneur I received the encouragement to finish my book and accountability to stay on task".

This Is For You!

* You are an entrepreneur ready to create a new path for yourself

* You’d like to tap into more than a decade of experience with a successful Business Strategist and Coach

* You value having step by step guidance through the process of launching and growing your business

Meet Patricia Simes

Your Instructor!

Patricia Simes is founder of Innovate Academy. Ms. Simes is a Certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach with a degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin. Ms. Simes also has 25 years of experience in the corporate arena training and helping people reach their goals.  One of my favorite sayings is: "Most people see things and say "Why" But I dream things that never were and say "Why not?"  I wanted those with busy schedules desiring to enhance their knowledge about the “whats” and “hows” of entrepreneurship to have an opportunity through an online platform without the pressures of maintaining a class schedule. Let the entrepreneurial journey begin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take this course if I don't know anything about startups?

    This course is for those who may know nothing about being an entrepreneur as well as new entrepreneurs who want a refresher course.

  • How do I know which courses to take to reach my goals?

    If you are unsure which courses to take schedule a Chat With Pat to gain some insight. To schedule, copy and paste the link below into your browser:

  • What if I can't commit to complete this course within a specific amount of time?

    This is a self-directed course with no specific end times. You may take your time completing the course.

  • How can I reach administrators of Innovate Academy?

    If you have an issue, you may contact the administrators by emailing:

  • How can I know how well I am progressing or learning the concepts?

    Many of the courses have quizzes embedded within the course requiring an 80% passing grade .

  • Can I receive a certificate for completing this course?

    You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

  • What if I need to ask a question or need clarification?

    All courses have discussions enabled so that you can ask questions about that specific course or get clarification during your progress through each course.

  • Is Innovate Academy an accredited school?

    Innovate Academy is a for-profit personal development organization to provide personal development in entrepreneurship. It is not an accredited institution.

  • What does Lifetime Access mean?

    Lifetime Access means you pay once and get Lifetime Access to all course content, both what's available now and what will be available in the future.